Providing a comprehensive range of sustainable heating systems.

Western Eco & Electrical Systems have available a fully comprehensive range of plumbing, electrical and heating solutions for your home or business providing a professional tailor made from initial, through to installation and commissioning. All products installed by Western Eco & Electrical Systems has entailed and intensive program of product training to meet the requirements needed for the individual and very specialized products

  • Heat Pumps
    Ground Source Heat Pumps use the soil or groundwater as the heat source. Your energy costs for heating will be lowered by up to 80% with the use of NIBE geothermal heat pumps over traditional heating such as oil or gas.
  • Solar Heating Systems
    Solar panels/Evacuated Tubes, solar hot water systems, solar heating systems.
  • Wood Pellet Boilers
    Our Wood Pellet Boilers are manufactured with output ranges of between 4 to 26kW making these systems ideally suited to both low energy new build homes and retro fit to older properties.
  • Heat Recovery Ventilation
    This is a ventilation system that recovers stale air from your wet rooms ie. bathrooms, en suites and kitchens and provides fresh warm air to your living areas ie. sitting rooms, bedrooms etc.

Heat Pipe Vacuum Tube Solar Collector - New Slimline Design HP400

A dry heat pipe collector for ease of installation and maintenance. The dry connection between manifold and tube means tubes can be easily fitted and replaced. A unique temperature limitation device gives added system protection. A choice between two temperature limits provides the perfect hot water solution for your home or business.

Heat pipe technology
This collector is a 'dry' heat pipe product. In this collector, the heat pipe is attached to the back of the absorber plate. Evaporator fluid is contained within the heat pipe.
The energy absorbed by the absorber causes the fluid to change from a fluid state to a vapour state and the vapour rises to the condenser bulb.
The condenser is connected directly into the manifold via a dry pocket. Within the manifold the solar system solution is passed across the dry pocket that houses the condenser.
The condenser releases the latent heat of evaporation to the solar system solution and condenses, the condensate returns to the heat pipe and the cycle is repeated.

Benefits for everyone
Flexibility and high performance are not the only benefits of this unique new design. The combination of high performance polymer materials and 'click-fit' technology creates a product that is easier to order, store and install and is also more environmentally friendly.

End user
•    Only pay for what you need e.g. 24 tube collector - exactly sized with no surplus energy.
•    Expandable as needs change - can grow the system with your family.